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Traffic Directors


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  1. Quick View Redtronic Traffic Director

    Redtronic Traffic Director


    The Redtronic Mega-Flash Traffic Director is traditionally used to direct traffic in a particular direction, left to right, right to left or centre out, however it can also be used to provide standard warning flash patterns.

    Available in 10 sizes / module counts the Redtronic Traffic Director is ideal for providing a 180° warning signal to either the front or rear of the vehicle.

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  2. Quick View ECCO Group Message Master LED Warning Sign Matrix

    ECCO Group Message Master LED Warning Sign Matrix


    The ECCO Group / Vision Alert Message Master LED Warning Sign Matrix is a low profile, high brightness LED warning message display sign. With flexible mounting options, upside-down, you can store up to 99 messages. The control box features an O-LED graphic touchscreen display, a Micro-SD message storage and firmware, PC message software program and an adhesive tape mounting or swivel-mount option.

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2 Item(s)